Massage & Wellbeing Therapies

Sometimes we need to transport ourselves away from our daily lives, attend to our own needs and even indulge ourselves. Then feeling calm and restored we can better attend to multiple commitments of modern lives together with the needs of others, in a more sustained and grounded way.

Integrated Massage Therapies

Relax Russell Orongo Bay Holiday Park We offer therapeutic massage and remedial massage adapted to your individual needs and health conditions. The session includes an initial assessment followed by a focus on specific area such as back and neck.

The use of compresses such as ginger or mustard may also be incorporated The outcome is often a deep sense of inner well-being and relaxation that may continue for days.

Bowen Therapy

 Powerful technique that relieves all kinds of pain. Lymphatic circulation and drainage also benefit from this treatment.



 Skillful dynamic therapy for preventative health care and for the treatment of stress, digestive imbalances, circulation and pain.
Improves circulation, energy levels, clears impurities from your body, improves emotional wellbeing.


Massage Relax Russell Orongo Bay Holiday ParkA Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing, relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Bemer therapy

Massage Relax Russell Orongo Bay Holiday Parkmproves circulation in the smallest blood vessels, thereby supporting the body’s own self healing and regeneration. Bemer therapy improves resistance to infections, reduces stress, and supports our immune system.

Bio- Cleanse detox footbath

Russell Orongo Bay Holiday Park The type of toxins that our bodies are now exposed to are often more than the bodies natural systems can handle The elimination of toxic substance from the body using a Bio-Cleanse unit stimulates the body’s own natural cleansing processes at the cellular level. You will be amazed with the amount of toxins released from your body before your eyes, leaving you feeling lighter, more energised and with a greater sense of well being.

Herbal Compresses

Massage Russell Orongo Bay Holiday ParkHerbal compresses eg ginger and mustard have been used over many centuries because of their great detoxifying results. The herbs release stress, tension and overworked muscles, increase energy and body vitality. If you are suffering with arthritis, back problems, migraines and other chronic pains and aches, herbal compresses and massage brings relaxation, energy and vitality.