Stories from Russell/ Kororareka’s turbulent past – dramatic tales of ships and shipwrecks, cannon, murder and flagpoles; whaleships and the whalemen who sailed them.

Want to learn more about Russell/ Kororareka’s colourful history?

The following books are available to purchase at the Russell Museum:

Russell – more than a place – Brief social history of Russell from the earliest days until today.  Produced by Russell Museum.

A Most Noble Anchorage – A story of Russell and the Bay of Islands.  Marie King.

Puawananga – The Adobe Cottage – by Charlotte Preston Larkin. The story of a remarkable woman who built her own mud brick home at Long Beach.

Old Russell, New Zealand’s First Capital – Jack Lee’s book about the first Russell – today’s Okiato.

A Capital Story by Jeanette Richardson – An account of New Zealand’s first seat of Government at Okiato in the Bay of Islands.

Of Captains, Colonists and Convicts – Des Price’s updated history of two early Russell families, the Cooks and the Williams.

Murder in Paradise by John Cresswell – The story of seafaring brothers one of whom is associated with Motuarohia/Roberton Island.

Samuel Stephenson – Pioneer merchant of Russell 1804-1883. N.G. and A.B. Stephenson.

Hell-hole of the Pacific by Richard Wolfe – The story of Kororareka’s earliest years when whalers, convicts, seamen and traders inhabited our town.

Brind of the Bay of Islands also Brind Amplified – The life of a colourful whaling Captain who traded in the Bay in the early 1800s.