The Kiwi Wild Show – engaging an international audience in the fight to save our kiwi


To raise awareness of the kiwis plight, conservation charity Kiwis For Kiwi have teamed with Old Mout Cider and presenters of BBC’s cult television programme The Really Wild Show, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan, to launch a one-off, kiwi-dedicated programme, entitled The Kiwi Wild Show.




Filmed in Tongariro National Park, Rainbow Springs and London, the captivating programme aims to educate people in the UK and beyond about our very special, unique national bird and encourage international support for the incredible work done by Kiwis For Kiwi.

Presenter Chris Packham said of his involvement in the show, “Upon learning we’ve lost 99% of the population of this intelligent and adventurous bird in just 80 years, made me realise it’s a race against time to protect these astonishing birds. Who wants to live in a world without the kiwi bird? Not me, that’s for sure.The Kiwi Wild Show offers us a platform to educate everyone, from all over the world on how one of the most unusual birds on this planet is on the brink of extinction and what’s more, how we can all take small steps to help preserve these wonderful little creatures.”

We know that for a lot of our guests, especially from overseas, interaction with New Zealand’s unique bird life can make their holiday and create a memory that will last forever. The Russell Peninsular and surrounding islands are an ideal location to experience rare species in their natural habitat and there is a lot of conservation work going on to maintain and increase this.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help save our kiwis, please visit the links below: