Park Rules

Please drive slowly and carefully, no faster than a walking pace/5KM at all times. Watch out for our children and wildlife.

We are proud of our natural environment so please:

  • help us reduce our ecological footprint by recycling your rubbish in the correct bin at the designated recycling stations.
  • keep the park and the facilities clean and tidy as you would expect to find them.
  • be considerate of other holidaymakers and resident wildlife by keeping noise levels to a minimum, particularly at night.

Reception Hours
We are generally open from 8am-8pm during summer and 9am-6pm during winter. These times are subject to change so please check the reception. For urgent assistance please call the number on the reception door.

Water Usage
We are on tank water so please use our water sparingly to ensure there is enough to go around.

All vehicles must have a valid WOF and registration.  Electric vehicles must only be charged at the EV charging station.  Charging is NOT permitted at the accommodation.

Caravans and Campervans
Campervans must have, and display, an electrical warrant of fitness and comply with LPG Standard (NZS 5426:1996). All campervans and caravans must have their own wastewater container and all waste should be emptied at the dump station shown on the park map.

Power can only be connected through an approved isolating transformer or RCD Safety Switch. Please position your tent to allow your vehicle to be parked on your site. Prior to vacating your site please ensure that all pegs are removed and the campsite is left in a clean condition.

Bathroom and Kitchen Facilities
Kitchens and bathrooms will be closed for cleaning at various times of the day, please see details on the wall at each facility. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, in all of the bathroom facilities. Hand basins are not to be used for washing clothes, neither are the hair dryers to be used for drying clothes. Washing machines, lines and dryers are available.

Please clean up after yourselves and leave the facilities for the next guest as you would expect to find it. No storage of fish or bait in park fridges. There is a bait freezer at reception. Food stored in the fridge and freezer must have a site number and date on it, anything that is not marked will be disposed of.

There are coin and token operated washing machines and a coin operated dryer. We do not accept any responsibility for damage to clothes using these facilities. Use at your own risk. Please do not use the laundry from 8pm – 8am as other guests may be disturbed.

If you are staying in a self-contained unit for more than a few days we are happy to provide you with fresh linen and towels as required and on request. Please drop by the reception and let us know.

Park Conduct and Noise
We are a family park, so please be considerate to other guests and limit noise from 9pm until 7.30am. Reasonable behaviour and dress is required at all times. Bad language and abusive or offensive behaviour towards any animals, birds or anyone will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave site immediately and without a refund.

Fish Cleaning and Smokehouse
Please clean and fillet fish at the beach or at the fish cleaning area. Wrap scraps in newspaper and place in the park landfill bin. Do not store fish or bait in park fridges. Ask at reception for instructions on how to use the smokehouse.

Fires and Fireworks
Open fires are not permitted except at the designated campfire area and only then if a fire ban is not in operation. Please check with
reception. Fires should not be left unattended and should be put out after use. Fireworks are not permitted at any time unless authorised by management. Portable BBQs used must be of safe construction and fire precautions taken at all times.

We support Smokefree NZ. For the comfort of our guests smoking is not permitted in or around our accommodation. Please use the designated smoking areas only.

We are a family park, please drink responsibly and only on your allocated site. Alcohol is not permitted within the pool area, nor walking around the park. Excessive drinking and parties, which disrupt the wildlife or other people are not permitted. Management may request any guest who is violent, offensive, unruly or disruptive and who are deemed to not be following these terms and conditions, to leave immediately and without refund.

Visitors are allowed only by prior arrangement with park management. All visitors must report to, and sign-in at reception and must vacate the park by 9pm. Visitors are subject to a charge when using our facilities. Guests are responsible for their visitors’ behaviour and ensuring they abide by these terms and conditions.

As our guest you will be issued with a gate code, this code will only operate for one vehicle. If you require more than one code please advise us at reception. If the gate code doesn’t work on one gate keypad, please try it on the other gate keypad before deciding to call management or staff for assistance.

Child Supervision
Parents – please supervise your children and ensure they abide by these terms and conditions.

Children under 8 years old must always be supervised in the bathrooms and at the playground. Children under 14 years old must be supervised at the pool. PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOUNG CHILDREN – there is a main road at the front of the Park and a stream behind the lodge alongside the park.

Kiwi Trail
Adventuring is at YOUR OWN RISK. We try to maintain the kiwis’ natural habitat so if you are looking for kiwi at night please wear suitable footwear, take adequate lighting and be aware of potential hazards: uneven pathways, plants, trees, roots, a small stream, etc. The weather may occasionally cause branches to fall across the pathways. It is highly recommended not to venture solo.

Bikes, Skateboards and Scooters
Care must be taken at all times when riding around the park. Helmets must be worn. To maintain the safety of our guests, riding is limited to the roads and meeting speed restrictions.

All pets must be booked in and are subject to strict rules, our dog policy is available at the office.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is open from 8am until 8pm. No glass, food or animals are permitted inside the pool fence. Please do not run on the pool deck, no jumping and no bombing. Children under 14 years must be supervised at all times.

Boat (motor) Washing
Boat parking is available by prior arrangement. Boat motors may be washed in the designated area adjacent to the fish area. Please be considerate of water usage and other campers.

Wi-fi available through Starlink.  500mb free per day.

Flying drones within or above the park is not permitted, unless authorised by management.

Any damage to park property will be charged to guests including damage caused by their visitors. The park owners shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any guests property for any reason, including any fault pertaining to any fitting, appliance or piece of apparatus within the vicinity of the camping ground.

Management reserves the right to request anyone to leave (without refund), who in management’s opinion, infringes these terms & conditions or causes disruption.

We ask for your co-operation so that your stay and the stay of other guests can be enjoyable. Booking and occupying accommodation at Russell – Orongo Bay Holiday Park implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions by the site holders/occupant.

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Payment & Cancellation Policy 

Full payment is required at the time of booking. Your booking is not confirmed until full payment has been received.

Contact us for our great payment plan options.

Payments are non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 30 days of your booked date. A cancellation fee of 20% of the booking cost applies to all bookings. For the peak Xmas/New Year season, full payment is required by 1 November and is non refundable from that date. 

*NO Refunds will be given for bad weather or early departures/checkouts. 

We appreciate your contribution towards keeping us all healthy and safe and look forward to a fantastic Summer with you all.